frequently asked questions

Q and A

    Q:  Are your pieces handmade?

YUP!!!  In every step and in every sense!  I wedge the clay, I throw the forms on my pottery wheel, I pull my own handles, I free hand carve all of my designs and I glaze them.  Even my packaging is hand stamped with stamps that I carved myself. <3


q: Do you do customs?

Noppers, sorry, not at the moment, and honestly, that’s not likely to change.  I love the artistic freedom and creativity allotted to me doing my own designs.  Pottery is also a really finicky and brutal art sometimes, each step having a multitude of things that can throw off the finished product, so I prefer not taking on the stress of trying to create a piece that is the ideal vision of someone else.


Q: When I search Mud and Moonshine on etsy, nothing shows up?!

Ahhh yes…the Etsy search is a bit weird.  Etsy stores don’t have spaces in the names (silly right?!), and so when you search it, you MUST type mudandmoonshine to find it (double silly!!).  On top of that, once the store is sold out, it will no longer show up in the Etsy search…(triple time silliness!).  Thusly, the easiest way to get there every dang time, is to just click the shop link on this website <3


Q: Your shop is empty!  How the heck do I buy!?

Great question!!!! You’re right, the shop is often empty, as new items sell out quickly.  Since I am only one little human creating all of this art, I work in big batches that I then update the shop with all at once when they are ready.  This usually only happens once every 1-2 months.  Once the shop is updated its a free for all to grab the magick, and often things sell out within a few weeks <3  The best way to snag a piece from me, is to follow @mud_and_moonshine on instagram and watch for shop update announcements so you know when the update will happen.  I will always announce the day and time a few days before an update so everyone has an equal opportunity to be ready when they go live.


Q:  OKay, then how does the Update work?

Once I update the shop and “open” it, the items are there until sold.  Like mentioned above, sometimes this happens really quickly, SO here are a few tips to help you snag a Mud and MoonShine piece:


  1) Be ready on the Mud and MoonShine Etsy site just before the time of the update and refresh the page once the update time hits.

2)  Have your payment info entered into Etsy before the update so that you can check out quickly.

3) Etsy does not reserve items in your cart, so this means that someone can buy the same item while you’ll still shopping or getting your payment info ready.  There’s nothing I can do about it, so best to just remind you to check out quickly and have your payment info ready!

4) Before buying, watch the updates and previews of the items on my instagram channel – this can help you get a better idea of what each piece is like so you can figure out which ones you like and get them when the update happens.

5) Be sure to read the descriptions on Etsy and go through all the photos to make sure you love the item and know what you are purchasing.  Sometimes items have small “quirks” that come from the handmade process – i.e, a wonky shape, a small glaze defect ect…  I will always point it out in the description, so be sure to read!   The quirks are part of the sweet quaintness of buying handmade items, but I still like you to know to expect them if a piece has one <3


Q: Can I pre-order or reserve a piece?

Nope, sorry.  As much as I would love to guarantee everyone the piece they fall in love with, it just creates too much chaos.  It’s hard for me to keep track of, and isn’t fair to everyone else.  I’ve found that the fairest way to do things is with the updates – it creates an even playing field where everyone can try for their faves!  If you miss out on the one that you wanted, it probably wasn’t meant for you, and something even more magical will come along and speak to your soul soon!  (and you can always let me know what designs you love and hope to see more of in the future)


Q: I’m from Victoria, do I still have to pay shipping?

Shipping is included for all of North America – however, if Victoria residents prefer to pick up directly, you can use promo code LOCALMAGIC at checkout and save 15% – I looooove meeting my customers! After you order I’ll reach out and we can organize a pick up time.


q: THose twisty handles!  THey’re cute, but are they comfy!?

Heck yes they are!!  They’re dannnnng comfy in my opinion.  When I make the twists I specifically fit the top twist to my hand, so that when you pick up the mug, its fits just delightfully to the curve of your top finger.  They’re unique, playful, and feel really nice to hold 🙂


Q:  are your mugs dishwasher/microwave safe?

All mugs are food safe, and can be microwaved or used in the dishwasher unless otherwise indicated in their description.  The only ones deemed not microwave/dishwasher safe are the mugs with real crystals embedded in the handle – the reason being, for optimal crystal care.